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 Repeat Prescriptions

Our prescription request system.

When you need a new prescription for your usual treatment, please tick the items required on the printed tear-off counterfoil which comes attached to your prescription.

This tear-off could either be brought into the surgery and deposited in the prescription request box (on the reception desk), or could be posted to us (with a s.a.e. if you wish us to post it back). If you prefer, you could fax your request to us on 0115 967 3838.

Please note repeat prescriptions cannot be accepted over the phone.

Or, order your prescription online with SystmOnline - click here

All repeat prescription requests require 48 hours notice. Please refer to the table below to check when your prescription will be ready to collect.

Please check that your prescription does not need to be reviewed by your doctor before submitting your request.

If you are on regular repeat medication you will need a medication review-usually every 12 or 6 months. This is decided by your GP or ANP.

We may need to review you more frequently if you are on a lot of different tablets, have recently changed your medication or if your condition is not stable.

Please understand that this is so that we can prescribe your medication safely. There will be a note on the back of your prescription asking you to make an appointment when it is due.

If you need a medication review but are running out of tablets then please discuss with your pharmacist or our reception and we will usually be able to provide a short term supply.


Request submittedPrescription available
Monday before 1pmWednesday after 2pm
Monday after 1pmThursday after 2pm
Tuesday before 1pmThursday after 2pm
Tuesday after 1pmFriday after 2pm
Wednesday before 1pmFriday after 2pm
Wednesday after 1pmMonday after 2pm
Thursday before 1pmMonday after 2pm
Thursday after 1pmTuesday after 2pm
Friday before 1pmTuesday after 2pm
Friday after 1pmWednesday after 2pm

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